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  Black history month Profile  

Mary Smith Peake

Teacher and one of Hampton University's founder

"The Hill We Climb"

Inaugural Poem by Amanda Gorman


COVID-19 Information

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Stay tuned for additional information and resources.


       from the late Chadwick Boseman

  Tips for Virtual Learning 

School districts our family members are attending have altered the way they will teach and learn because of COVID-19 effects and guidelines for gatherings.  As schools and univesities re-open, many students are opening laptops and other devices for learning at home.  Posted below are a few tips and resources to help you and your learners be successful in our "new normal."

   5 Tips to help your Child with Virtual Learning

  • 1 – Help your child establish and stick to a routine. ...

  • 2 – Check in with your child's advisor or teachers. ...

  • 3 – Encourage physical activity and exercise. ...

  • 4 – Resist the urge to sit in on classes with your child. ...

  • 5 – Take care of you.

Helpful Resouces


Best Tools for Distance Learning

Take a look at what digital teachers and students are using in the classroom and at home to distance learning. The list is grouped communication and messaging tools, way to facilitate discussions, popular assessment tools and how teachersdeliver their lessons. 


Family Engagement Resources

Commonsensemedia has listed various resources on digital citizenship, homework help and more to help families navigate virtual learning.


This is a go to destination for all thing digital media, including books, apps, movies, research, games, screen time and safety online.  Be sure to check out the Parents Need To Know tab. 


Check out the African American History Collection, as well of Math, English and other content resources. 


Talk about Race (African American Museum)

Check out the AA Museum website and pay close attention to the Learn tab for resource on how to talk about race, racism, bias and being antiracist.

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