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Sylvia C. Hicks,
President's Message

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the confidence you have placed in me, and the support that goes with it, as I begin to lead the Association for the 2023-2025 term.


The Russell Grove Association has a positive presence in our community because of the meaningful purposes we were founded upon. During this term, I look forward to helping us cultivate the spirit and pride of RGA in a way that meets the needs and challenges facing our future generations, as well as to continue awarding scholarships and creating educational opportunities.


To do this, RGA needs continual engagement from every member, affiliate, friend and donor. Our membership dipped during pandemic but there is much potential for increasing those numbers, but only with your help. Growing the membership and sponsoring another incredible Juneteenth Festival will be our primary focus this year. 


In the coming months, we will begin our strategic planning process to create a vision  that honors the educational legacy we cherish so much. Please begin to give serious thought to the future of our Association. Think about where you see us going and our long-term sustainability, one that addresses the ever-changing shifts in society and its impact on “our” community, our kids.


I believe that building on the treasures of our Museum and the Community rooms will be vital to our future successes.

Russell Grove, We Hail Thee! So dear and so true.




Until almost the middle of the twentieth century the history of public education for blacks in Amelia was spotty, poor and deficient and public education for whites was not much better.  In the years following the Civil War the Virginia landscape slowly became dotted with one or two room schools to provide elementary education for


Russell Grove Alumni Association was organized in 1984 to promote the public welfare through the preservation of the spirit and pride of the alumni of the former Russell Grove Schools, to cooperate with the Amelia County School Board and other organizations in matters of mutual interest and advantage to public education; to provide scholarships for qualifying graduates of Amelia County Public Schools and to promote cordial and friendly relations among members and the public.


Russell Grove Alma Mater by Lula White

Russell Grove, we hail thee our dear Alma Mater

Our love for thee is the song that we sing

Though far away from thy walls we may wander,

Ever to thee will our fond memories cling


Yes, we’ll remember our dear Alma Mater

Within our hearts we will be both brave and true

Oh, how our memories will cling to thee ever,

Old Russell Grove, so dear and so true.


Down through the ages thy precepts will guide us

Clearing our paths to success and to fame.

Faith and thy truths will forever provide us

Comfort and solace, each time we sing they name.

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